I’m a survivor!

Many people who experience skin issues discover that certain foods serve them better than others and this often leads to a period of elimination to allow the gut and body to heal. Eliminating foods from your diet can be tricky, time consuming, energy sapping, boring and can seem to take all the fun out ofRead more

Ben’s Bone Broth

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Ben has been perfecting this recipe for a long time now and we use the resulting broth as a drink on its own or we use it to make soups & casseroles etc. The healing properties of the bone broth are endless but a key feature of it is the collagen from the chicken bones.Read more

Food is Fuel For Your Body

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What kind of fuel should you choose? You wouldn’t put diesel in an unleaded car would you? So why wouldn’t you treat your body with the same respect? We need to fuel our bodies effectively in order to promote healing. So many of us fuel our bodies with food that doesn’t serve us. For example,Read more