What causes eczema?

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If you see a dermatologist, you’ll be told that eczema is a disease of the skin. An inflammatory issue, which causes excess dryness, irritation and rashes. A problem with the barrier function causing moisture loss.  Often, you’ll be given no specific reason for having eczema, except that if you’re ‘atopic’ (suffer from allergies, hayfever, asthma,Read more

Supporting Your Skin Microbiome (part 2)

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So here’s my final tips for supporting your skin microbiome. As mentioned in previous posts it’s all about supporting the bacteria already present on your skin- eg no harsh antibacterial products. But it is also about ensuring our skin is exposed to a diverse selection of microbes in the first place! Why having a petRead more

Get dirty!

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Yes being clean is overrated! So many of us use antibacterial or sanitising wipes, hand wash and even toothpaste! Perhaps we don’t even realise. Take a look at your toothpaste- if you see triclosan on the ingredients then it’s antibacterial! The thing is, we need bacteria on our bodies but antibacterial products wipe out ALLRead more

C-section vs. Vaginal Delivery

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When Ben and I made the decision to create a small person, we spent a lot of time researching and discussing how to create an eczema free baby. Ben developed eczema as a child and the last thing we wanted was for our child to experience it too. Ellie is almost one now and hasRead more

What Eczema IS and what it is NOT

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I’m going to start by telling you that eczema IS a blessing! Yes, I can hear you shouting ‘What?’ at your screens! In fact, you should count your lucky stars that your body is communicating so well with you! Your skin, the largest organ in your body has become a feedback system and right nowRead more

Dairy Alternatives

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Our Favourites! I chose to go dairy free around 2 years ago in preparation for IVF treatment. You see we had quite a rocky road to parenthood. After our marriage 4 and a half years ago, our journey began. A few years previous to this, I had inconclusive tests carried out to find out whatRead more

Tropical fruit with Sticky Toffee Sauce

This has got to be my favourite dairy free dessert! I’ve adapted a recipe from Abel & Cole (our organic meat and veg supplier) to make it dairy free. This dessert can be served on individual plates or for a grand centre piece as a platter. Two of my favourite fruits are combined to createRead more

New Eczema Drug!

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Finally the cure we’ve all been looking for! This news excites all of us with experience of Eczema! Studies that found a deficiency in a certain type of protein in eczema sufferers has been used to develop a new drug that can help you to ease your symptoms. No more itchy, sleepless nights for yourRead more

Welcome to the symptom free life…

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My wife and I have dedicated this space to assisting you in finding the root cause of your child’s eczema and enabling them to live symptom free. The support you find within our blog is just the start, as we offer group courses and 1:1 consultation to look specifically at your family’s needs. Your journey toRead more

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