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We help sufferers of Eczema and Psoriasis live a happy, healthy and confident life. Our approach is based upon scientific research and years of personal experience.

We combine Nutritional Therapy, Functional Medicine principles, Lab testing and supplement protocols to give you an individualised solution that transforms your health.

Work Hard or You’re Lazy

Do you find it hard to switch off/stop/take holidays/find time for self care? Do you say things like: ‘They always leave early’ ‘I’m just so busy!’ ‘I’ve got so much to do.’ ‘I couldn’t possibly take a holiday.’ Do you judge others for not working as hard as you? Not...

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My Eczema Creams Landed Me in A&E…

As you’ll know, the most common eczema solutions is to prescribe a steroid cream. These can be massively helpful in reducing the redness and itchiness. But what if you have eczema on your face and all the creams say don’t apply to the face? The issue here is the skin...

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FREE Yoga Nidra to try

Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep. It is said that after a session of Yoga Nidra you can feel like you've had 8hrs sleep! This simple body scan Yoga Nidra track will help you to wind down at any time of the day but especially at night before bed. You may even...

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How I healed my skin naturally.

After years of experiencing eczema and sebhorreic dermatitis, I started to invest my time into transforming my health.

Years of scientific research, mentoring, training and first hand experience have led to the development of our very popular coaching services, which help people to turnaround their health and live a happy, confident  life without the burden of bad skin.

We’ve helped people from across the world to lead a happier life. Are you ready to begin?

Health Coaching

We offer 1-2-1 coaching packages to help you improve your skin and general health. Includes lab testing, bespoke supplement plans and regular skype/phone calls.

Lab Testing

Find out what could be causing your skin to flare up. From gut bacteria, yeasts and parasites, to food intollerances and stress.

Wellbeing retreats

Take some time way to focus on your wellbeing. Our retreats include relaxation, education and coaching.

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Ben has helped me immensely. I was trying my best with my diet but I was still having flare ups. After 1 month of coaching my skin was much calmer and I could stop relying upon steroid creams.

Helen V