As you’ll know, the most common eczema solutions is to prescribe a steroid cream. These can be massively helpful in reducing the redness and itchiness.

But what if you have eczema on your face and all the creams say don’t apply to the face?

The issue here is the skin is REALLY thin and steroid creams thin the skin further.

I had eczema on my face so was given a steroid cream which led to thinning of the skin. So thin that you rub your face with a towel even lightly and it bleeds…

So the next eczema “solution” is topical immune regulators such as Protopic. None of the side effects of steroid creams and they say they’re safe for use on the face.



These creams basically kill your immune system locally. They are POWERFUL. It helps when your eczema is flaring, but it comes with a few issues.

As I found out…

One year I got a cold sore. At the time I was using Protopic on my face

Within days I had cold sores covering my face.
Around my eyes.
Dangerously close to my eyes as it can cause blindness.

After visiting A&E I was given Acyclovir tablets to reduce the risk of it spreading. It’s classed as an emergency to have a cold sore near your eye.

So now we’re in a situation.  The choice is eczema on face OR a face full of cold sores.

Oh, and these new creams also have a cancer risk…

Is there a natural eczema solution?

Well over time I’ve realised you need to go DEEP. And find out what’s CAUSING the skin irritation.

Then remove the triggers to solve the issue. Don’t just treat the symptoms, fix the cause.

This isn’t something you can do by yourself. It’s taken years of research, many ‘experiments’ on my body and more recently lots of studying. Specialists just didn’t seem to get it- refusing to accept that the eczema could be food/gut related.

Is it possible to heal the symptoms? 

I’m lucky in some respects though because I always believed that there must be a way to improve or heal the symptoms. Sometimes being told that they didn’t know the cause or being prescribed more creams to mask my symptoms spurred me on to find the root cause of my eczema. You too can do this.


Every cold sore outbreak every flare showed me something different about eczema and I got to learn from it. In hindsight you get to see these events as a gift to learn from. This is exactly what I have done and you can do it too. There is a natural eczema solution! We have years of experience so drop us a message and find out how we can help.


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