We pride ourselves in assisting those with Eczema & Psoriasis to identify the root cause, remove triggers, successfully heal their body and discover a symptom free life.


There is not just one way to ‘fixing’ your health and we know that our individualised approach that looks at all areas of lifestyle will leave you experiencing the symptom free life you desire. 


You are devoted to securing solutions for your skin condition so you can be the greatest mother/father, partner, employee/employer, friend you can possibly be.

You’re done trying to find the next quick fix or miracle cure.

 Instead, you’re ready to delve deep into the underlying root cause of your eczema or psoriasis and create long lasting and life changing changes to your skin and overall wellbeing.

You are motivated to make changes to your lifestyle and are committed to your healing your eczema or psoriasis.

When you approach your health from this place it can seem like miracles really can happen!

Confession: Happy Gut Happy Skin started as a passion project

We both share a desire to assist others and as a result felt a strong pull to share our journey of improved health with others. 

Since we have both had our own personal health journeys and have had first hand experience we wanted make the journey easier and quicker for others in a similar situation. 

From the beginning, it was clear that Ben had the health geekery all sorted and I had the coaching side of things mastered so we began…

But soon, we realised that accomplishing what we wanted with Happy Gut Happy Skin wasn’t going to happen unless we could commit more time. The next step was clear and I was eager to step into the role of leading our new business and leaving my role as Assistant Headteacher.

From the feedback we’ve had so far we know it was right decision.

We can’t wait to share all our knowledge with you… and see all the amazing changes that will happen for you.

Meet us…

Hi! I’m Jo. Not only am I known for being an Accountability Queen but I have also given myself the title of Kitchen Goddess! My background in teaching means that I am highly skilled at sharing information in an easy to understand format. I will give you insights into how mindset impacts on your health. I’ve had experience of coaching a wide range of people through the large school communities I have worked in. I find that these excellent communication skills transfer perfectly into my health coaching role. I am direct yet gentle. I will hold you to account (with love!). I will provide a mirror so you can clearly see your path forward.

Hi! I’m Ben. I’m the Chief Geek with a special interest in eczema and psoriasis. My first hand experience of eczema and gut healing makes me the perfect person to direct you through the maze of information and approaches out there. As well as my own personal knowledge I have dedicated several years to studying nutrition and functional medicine plus learning from some of the best mentors in the industry. I’m known for creating comprehensive, personalised, protocols based on functional lab testing which guide you using simple, easy to action and transformational steps towards your goal of great skin.

Together we take people from rock bottom to standing on top of the mountain using a powerful blend of investigation, functional medicine, mindset work and accountability.


We would rather get the full picture than guess. This allows us to personalise your plan to your individual needs and get results quickly.

You can find out more about our philosophy here.


– Better and restful sleep

– Clear, calm and glowing skin

– Confidence in your body

– Answers to longstanding questions

– A balanced immune system

– To be your own health advocate

– To live a symptom free life




My world came crashing down on March 28th 2014. I was 9 weeks pregnant and noticed a few spots of blood in my underwear. It was only a few spots it didn’t mean I was going to loose my baby I told myself but deep down I was terrified that our baby was going to be snatched away from us after all this time trying to conceive. We had to wait over the weekend to be scanned as the bleeding wasn’t severe. On Monday our fears were confirmed when we were told that our baby was still there but was only measuring the size of a 6wk fetus. Had we got our dates wrong we were asked. Of course not! We had been tracking and monitoring my cycles for 2 years. We knew what had happened. Our baby had died at 6 weeks and my body wasn’t quite ready to let it go. I waited 5 days for this to be confirmed by another scan which showed no growth and that weekend at 10 weeks pregnant my body finally let go of the baby.

Yet I am so grateful for this experience. I know that sounds like a strange thing to say and I certainly didn’t think it at the time. There had been plenty of signs that things weren’t quite right with my health and although I had become more aware of them in recent years, I had been ignoring the signs for many years before. This miscarriage was the wake up call I needed. It was big enough and loud enough for me to actually sit bolt upright and listen!

I have since learned to listen to my body as soon as it begins to whisper. I no longer cover up symptoms- headaches, PMS, low energy etc- I treat them as naturally as possible. I recognise that many of my health complaints over the years could have been quickly resolved by listening to my body and changing my lifestyle. But instead of slowing down I worked myself too hard, at first to simply keep up with workload then to achieve status in my career. To make things worse I played even harder at the weekends to try to make up for working too hard in the week. I didn’t see the damage I was doing- I felt ‘alright’.

My hormonal issues had been present since the age of 15 but conventional medicine taught me to cover them up. Take a birth control pill and that will balance things out and stop the PMS and heavy painful periods. It did- for a while but really it was disconnecting me even further from my body. My favourite saying now is it might be common, but it is not normal. My symptoms were common but they were not normal. I felt ‘alright’. I spent several years through university and then at work basically abusing my body with crap food choices, drinking and poor sleep habits. I don’t regret these choices because that emotion isn’t any use to me. But let’s just say I learned the hard way.

Over the years, I worked myself into the ground and was left exhausted by the end of term, I suffered with frequent colds and illnesses and spent years suffering with constant sinusitis. Looking back at this now it sounds horrible but this was my normal. I felt ‘alright’. It wasn’t until I actually made changes that I started to question this normal. I raised my expectations of my health. I became dissatisfied with the answers or lack of answers from the NHS and began to look for answers elsewhere. After many years of trying different things with no improvement we finally looked to a functional medicine practitioner for assistance. After an intensive 3 month programme looking at gut health, inflammation, sleep, mindset and nutrition we were prepared for our first round of IVF. It was very successful- in fact it was too successful and I over stimulated and produced too many follicles. We then had to wait another 3 months to have the embryos implanted once my body had settled back down. This time the wait didn’t feel the same. I felt ready. I spent time looking after myself and made that my focus rather than the ticking of the clock. We went on to have a successful natural IVF cycle. I.e: I didn’t need any supplementary hormones to support the implantation and growth of our baby. This is something I had never expected. The best part is the lessons I have learned about my health I am passing on to my daughter. I could never go back to what was my ‘normal’ just feeling ‘alright’. I don’t want to feel alright I strive to feel amazing, radiant and exuberant every day. If I don’t feel this way I know I get to look at why not pop some pills and hope it will go away.

What has this got to do with skin conditions? I hear you ask! After my experiences I was drawn to help other people with their health and wellbeing. At work I saw people struggling with heir health and I really wanted to help form my role as Assistant Head. This was just not a priority for my school so I decided a change was needed and I needed to do what I really felt passionate about- health coaching. With Ben’s expertise around eczema and psoriasis it made perfect sense to share our knowledge & experiences with others. I know that skin issues are often covered up and masked with creams etc and I want to encourage others to listen to their bodies too. Skin issues are really just your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance. Together we can work out what it is and get you back on track.

At the age of 2 I started getting eczema, which quickly spread across most of my body. Not only was it itchy and painful, but it looked awful too. Going through school with visible patches of eczema led to bullying and the my education was affected due to bad sleep and low energy.

Things got better during my teens, until I hit university. Suddenly everything flared up again, and I was left speaking to consultant after consultant looking for a fix. I was prescribed light therapy (UVA and UVB), strong steroids (which left me with glandular fever) and antibiotics.

None of these conventional treatments worked. They gave some relief for a few weeks, but they were simply masking the symptoms and and as soon as they were stopped, the eczema returned. This was not only affecting my studies, but my social life too.

This set me on a path to learn as much as I could about not just the symptoms of eczema, but the root cause. What was causing my body to react like this? Was it food, the environment?

Since then, I paid tens of thousands of pounds on mentors, health consultants, training courses, lotions, potions and supplements.

I’ve also devoted lots of my time to training in this area. I’m a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) with the Functional Medicine University , as well as a certified Body Type Nutrition Coach.

Ultimately, through the wealth of information I’ve consumed, training I’ve attended and first-hand experience, I created a program which led me to clear skin without any drugs.

I was told over the years this wasn’t possible. Eczema was just something you had to live with. I now know this isn’t true, and by looking at the body as a whole, we can bring it back into balance and stop the skin issues.

It’s now my mission to help others with skin problems, become free from steroids and immunosuppresants. To be able to live their life without the constant itching, dry skin and pain.


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