My wife and I have dedicated this space to assisting you in finding the root cause of your eczema, enabling them to live a happy, healthy and confident life. The support you find within our blog is just the start, as we offer group courses and 1:1 consultation to look specifically at your family’s needs.

My Story

At the age of 2 I started getting eczema, which quickly spread across most of my body. Not only was it itchy and painful, but it looked awful too. Going through school with visible patches of eczema led to bullying and the my education was affected due to bad sleep and low energy.

Things got better during my teens, until I hit university. Suddenly everything flared up again, and I was left speaking to consultant after consultant looking for a fix. I was prescribed light therapy (UVA and UVB), strong steroids (which left me with glandular fever) and antibiotics.

None of these conventional treatments worked. They gave some relief for a few weeks, but they were simply masking the symptoms and and as soon as they were stopped, the eczema returned. This was not only affecting my studies, but my social life too.

This set me on a path to learn as much as I could about not just the symptoms of eczema, but the root cause. What was causing my body to react like this? Was it food, the environment?

Since then, I paid tens of thousands of pounds on mentors, health consultants, training courses, lotions, potions and supplements.

I’ve also devoted lots of my time to training in this area. I’m a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) with the Functional Medicine University , as well as a certified Body Type Nutrition Coach.

Ultimately, through the wealth of information I’ve consumed, training I’ve attended and first-hand experience, I created a program which led me to clear skin without any drugs.

I was told over the years this wasn’t possible. Eczema was just something you had to live with. I now know this isn’t true, and by looking at the body as a whole, we can bring it back into balance and stop the skin issues.

It’s now my mission to help others with skin problems, become free from steroids and immunosuppresants. To be able to live their life without the constant itching, dry skin and pain.

And all of this is possible though a functional approach to wellbeing.

  • Environment
  • Stress
  • Gut health
  • Mindset
  • Lab testing

Because everybody is different, the approach taken to solve your condition is also individual. You will find some general advice on our blog, which will help you improve, but if you want specific advice for you, we offer lab testing to reveal what’s going on inside. Then we can devise customised supplement protocols so help fix the underlying imbalance, letting your body heal itself through good health.