So here’s a key food that everyone here should have in their diet regularly.

Bone Broth is a traditional food which used to be hailed as a ‘cure all’ for many ailments. The original ‘superfood’. But over the years, as we spend less time in the kitchen, it’s been forgotten about.

*Before you even considering supplements to fix your gut/skin, you should be consuming bone broth*

Protein can be split down into its component Amino Acids. Out of those, there are a handful which are very helpful in healing skin conditions – either directly by helping regenerate collagen, or indirectly by healing the gut and therefore preventing the inflammation in the first place.

Bone broth is also packed full of essential minerals that are deficient in our diet.


Between Bone Broth and Kefir (that we will cover soon), these two foods should be a STAPLE in any diet where you have gut related issues, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc, you should aim to get them both DAILY.

So how do we make this work with our busy lifestyles?

Below is a recipe, it’s very easy, takes about 5-10 mins to put it together then you just leave it on the hob to simmer. I make a bit batch on a Sunday that will keep me going all week (keep half fresh, half freeze). Then all you need to do is warm up a mug full each day and drink.

It’s really that simple, and taking a few minutes once a week to create such a healing food is going to give you big benefits.

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Note: When you start, simmer the broth for 1.5 hours initially. This ensures histamine is low. If you tolerate this fine, on the next batch increase the simmering time. You can simmer for 24 hours to get the most nutrition from the bones. IF the stock goes like jelly when cold, you’re on the right track.

If you struggle with the taste of bone broth, I’ll be putting up a recipe for a Carrot and Tumeric Soup you can make with it too.

Ben’s Bone Broth:

Dr Axe’s intro: https://youtu.be/B6pMGZ2SZk0