My Review of Chuckling Goat Kefir!

A couple of weeks back, knowing that we’d be covering Kefir I carried out a lot of research for a company that produces ready-made Kefir.

I wanted to check some out for those of you who might not have time to make Kefir yourself

Chuckling Goat are a family run business from Wales, who have been making fresh goat kefir for a few years, primarily focused on its health benefits for people with skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Perfect!

I had a chat with the owner, Shann, who started the business after he son developed asthma and eczema. Her husband also picked up a nasty MRSA infection from a hospital.

Using the milk from the goats on their farm, Shann worked to create a recipe which not only helped her son stop needing his inhaler and eczema creams, but also saved her husband’s life.

So 2 weeks ago, I received 4x750ml bottles from Chucking Goat. The first thing that surprised me was the warning on the bottle that it might explode under pressure!

I’ve had shop-bought Kefir before, but it was never this fizzy. That’s an awesome sign as the fizz is a sign of a very active growth of good bacteria (probiotics)

The Kefir itself has a tart, fizzy taste. It’s slightly thicker than milk, but still drinkable so not as thick as yoghurt. An accustomed taste, but as Shann says, this is medicine! I quite like the flavour, it’s certainly not unpleasant, just unusual, but a lot of people might take some persuading!

This is a really powerful kefir and there’s lots of reports on their website of people’s skin clearing up after a few weeks to months.

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I’m very impressed as the kefir has been university tested to ensure it contains high levels of probiotics and no contamination.

I have noticed that my digestion has improved already, which is a great sign that it’s doing good things. I’ll update this review after a few more weeks of Kefir!

They also make skin creams from pure ingredients which include kefir so you can treat your skin from the inside and out.

Highly recommended:

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