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10 things to avoid if you have eczema

If you have problematic skin, you'll be aware that certain products can cause irritation. Whilst some products are more of an issue than others, and it can be very individual, here's a list of things you should start with if you're trying to get your eczema, psoriasis...

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Eat organ meats to heal your gut

Here’s another powerful healing food that’s cheap and easily available... Many of us can be quite deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, either because our food sources are so highly industrialised that the raw materials don’t make it into the food, or that our...

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Probiotics and Kefir for great skin

One of my favourite topics as this stuff is SO powerful! So as you would have picked up from the blog, our gut is a delicate balance of good bacteria and hopefully not too many bad bacteria. This is not just a few bacteria we're talking about here. It's estimated...

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Chuckling Goat Kefir review

My Review of Chuckling Goat Kefir! A couple of weeks back, knowing that we'd be covering Kefir I carried out a lot of research for a company that produces ready-made Kefir. I wanted to check some out for those of you who might not have time to make Kefir yourself...

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I’m a survivor!

Many people who experience skin issues discover that certain foods serve them better than others and this often leads to a period of elimination to allow the gut and body to heal. Eliminating foods from your diet can be tricky, time consuming, energy sapping, boring...

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Ben’s Bone Broth

Ben has been perfecting this recipe for a long time now and we use the resulting broth as a drink on its own or we use it to make soups & casseroles etc. The healing properties of the bone broth are endless but a key feature of it is the collagen from the chicken...

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Food is Fuel For Your Body

What kind of fuel should you choose? You wouldn't put diesel in an unleaded car would you? So why wouldn't you treat your body with the same respect? We need to fuel our bodies effectively in order to promote healing. So many of us fuel our bodies with food that...

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