Here’s another powerful healing food that’s cheap and easily available…

Many of us can be quite deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, either because our food sources are so highly industrialised that the raw materials don’t make it into the food, or that our guts aren’t in a good condition to fully absorb the nutrients.

A 2002 study found:

Comparing nutrient level changes in a 50-year span, the analysts found that the average supermarket potato had lost:

100 percent of its vitamin A
57 percent of its vitamin C and iron
50 percent of its riboflavin
28 percent of its calcium
18 percent of its thiamine
Twenty-five fruits and vegetables were analyzed with similar findings.

Did you know that gut bacteria also play a major part in absorption? Not only do they provide enzymes and surface area to help with the absorption from our food, but they can also synthesise key vitamins too. Vitamin B12 is a great example, many people have a form of anaemia caused by B12 deficiency due to gut disbiosis.

Recently it’s been shown that our dietary intake of key vitamins and minerals such as B vits also helps shape our gut microbiota. So it really is a complex 2-Way relationship

But supplements aren’t necessarily the best way to fix this, as they can be hard to absorb.


Liver, kidney and other offal are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Liver has been ranked as the SECOND MOST NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD ON THE PLANET. So if you want to help your body heal, start here

Per 100g of Liver:

813% RDA of Vitamin A
250% RDA of Vitamin B2
100% RDA of Vitamin B3
1084% RDA of Vitamin B12
177% RDA of Iron

All this for around 40p, simply because it’s not a “fashionable” food.

Vitamin A is particularly good for both the skin and gut lining, as well as stabilising the immune system.

My favourite is chicken livers cooked in (goats) cream.

Can you add liver or other organ meats to your diet?

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