Today I though I’d pop up a REALLY simple way of getting started with fermenting.

The good news is, all you need to get started is:

* Water
* A jar
* Salt
* Some veg

Lacto-Fermentation is the art of using bacteria and lactic acid to preserve food naturally. Not only does this avoid the use of chemicals but it also produces cultures very rich in Lactobacillus, one of the great gut bacteria that help us thrive.

These bacteria are critical for gut and skin health. It’s been shown that everyone suffering from chronic skin issues has a level of disbiosis in the gut so introducing lots of good bacteria helps the balance.

It’s thought that the levels of bacteria in naturally fermented foods can be magnitudes higher than in supplement capsules, plus they can be much more resilient and reach the gut intact. Because you’re producing them at home, there’s no worries about them becoming dead by the time you consume them either.

This is why we always recommend live cultured probiotics over any supplements.

So here’s the quick 5 min recipe:

1. Start with a kilner jar or any glass jar with an airtight lid. Ferments need to be anaerobic (without oxygen)

2. Add in 2 large tbsp of good quality rock/Himalayan salt

3. Chop veg (eg carrots, beetroot, cucumbers, cabbage) and pop into jar leaving some room at the top

4. Full with filtered water (tap water contains chlorine and will kill the cultures)

5. Leave about an inch at the top

6. Pop the lid on tight and leave at room temp for 3 days then pop in the fridge.

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And that’s it! The salt is added at the start to temporarily protect the veg while the fermenting gets started. By keeping it airtight, the lactobacilli naturally present in the veg then get multiplying and soon start to become so abundant no bad bacteria can thrive

It’s therefore very safe and amazingly good for you.


Try to keep the jar still over the 3 days so you don’t introduce oxygen into the water. You may find that the jar needs “burping” to release some CO2 every so often. If you notice that your ferment goes bad, this is usually because air has got into the mix

I use special fermenting jars which release the gas which are very cheap on Amazon. Another tip you can do is to add olive oil to the jar so it forms a 1cm later above the water to keep the oxygen out.

This is an amazing skill to learn and will only benefit your health!

TIP: The fermented veg you produce is POTENT! If your condition is severe please start with just a teaspoon of the pickle juice per day. Add a little more as you go along then after a week try introducing a small amount of the actual veg. Keep increasing if your symptoms are ok. If you have a flare up, just keep at the same level for a few days then gradually increase. Too much too soon can overwhelm a sensitive gut.