We have just launched our new free Happy Skin Reset eBook which we believe will help so many people to get started with their journey towards happy, clear skin. For some it may be the answer you have been looking for and you will resolve all your skin issues. 

But for some of you there may need to be additional support to get the results you need. It was only when Ben reached out for support many years ago that he really broke through the cycles of seemingly unexplained flares. You may feel like your life has turned into one experiment after another but with us guiding and supporting you all the way we know you too will be able to live the symptom free life.   

We have a number of health consulting packages available to guide you through improving the condition of your skin and your health starting from £150.

Depending on the complexity of your skin complaints you may get to work with us on a small group coaching programme or on a 1:1 coaching programme. If your condition is more complex it makes sense that you would need a more personalised plan so our 1:1 coaching is perfect for you.

Click the link below to find your perfect package.

Your journey

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