So far we’ve covered some really nutritious foods on the blog, which help to heal the gut, and therefore the skin from the inside out.

Something that’s often overlooked, is the body’s ability to DIGEST and ABSORB these nutrients.

If your digestive system hasn’t been working effectively for a while, you may find that your not producing enough digestive enzymes or stomach acid to breakdown the food you ingest.

It’s very common – indications of this are heartburn, indigestion, bloating, nausea, etc. Also if your  contains identifiable food (😷) that’s a good sign your digestion needs some attention

If you’re taking PPIs / Antacids, they will also be working AGAINST your body’s natural acidity, reducing the ability to digest food.

Eating simple foods such as bone broth supply plenty of enzymes, but sometimes we can still suffer, and it’s not always possible to drink broth with every meal.

To overcome this, we can supplement with enzymes similar to those naturally found in the gut (I find ones with Ox Bile particularly effective). This helps the body to digest the foods, and once our absorption increases, the raw materials required to upregulate the production of these enzymes will increase, reducing the need for supplementation.

We can also supplement with Betaine HCL, which helps to lower the pH in the stomach.

(If you have existing GI issues such as stomach ulcers please consult with a doctor first)

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