Finding the root cause of your symptoms often requires us to peek ‘under the hood’. The body is very good at healing itself, but there’s often imbalances and deficiencies which prevent this.

The lab tests we run are very high quality and go further than most tests available on the NHS. We use reputable private labs which offer services to healthcare professionals. Because these are private tests, they are funded by the individual, but the investment you make here will benefit not just your skin but your overall health for years to come.

Comprehensive Stool Test with Parasitology (3 Day)

The very epicentre of health is your gut. If your gut is imbalanced, hundreds of studies have shown it affects the health of every other system in your body.

Many people have disbiosis, or imbalanced gut bacteria. This can lead to an inflammatory state, which can express itself as a skin condition. Some may also have picked up a parasite whilst travelling, or from contaminated food.

These can sit for years, undetected, leading to a whole host of issues, such as skin complaints, depression, anxiety, thyroid problems, weight gain/loss, the list goes on. Unlike the tests available on the NHS, this test runs over 3 days so can detect issues not picked up in a simple 1 day test.

This test is a very high quality look into your gut. We look at the good and bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites as well as digestion and inflammation markers. It’s also very actionable as we can design and supplement protocol to specifically match your results.

Cost: £269

MRT Food Intolerance Test (Mediator Release Technology)

Food intolerances or sensitivities can cause inflammation which can be expressed in multiple ways. From eczema/psoriasis flare ups, skin rashes, through to joint pain, fatigue, brain fog and many more.

Many tests will look at IgG antibodies which are released as food is digested. However, these can be inaccurate and high levels don’t always correspond to symptoms.

We work with the patented Mediator Release Technology test, which analyses cytokines, histamine, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, etc., from neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils and lymphocyte. These ‘mediators’ lead to the negative symptoms experienced when we ingest some foods.

This means the MRT test is much more likely to correlate to the symptoms you experience, helping to create a plan which avoids those foods.

In clinical tests, the MRT test has been shown to be 93.6% reliable, which is extremely high compared to other tests.

This test currently looks at 170 different foods and chemicals, and gives a score with green/amber/red to show the most reactive foods.

Cost: £450 including shipping. Blood draw not included (Approx £30).