Finally the cure we’ve all been looking for!

This news excites all of us with experience of Eczema! Studies that found a deficiency in a certain type of protein in eczema sufferers has been used to develop a new that can help you to ease your symptoms. No more itchy, sleepless nights for your children. Say goodbye to your routine of creams etc. The best part is that can be administered just once a month! But… and there is a big but!


This ‘cure’ is nothing more than a different way to mask the symptoms of eczema. It comes in the form of an rather than a cream or ointment. Dupilumab, which is injected, hampers the activity of two identified proteins that play a crucial  role in the inflammatory processes that fuel eczema. Yes this injection meddles with your immune system! Now the alarm bells in my brain are ringing out loud and clear. Why would I want to stop my body doing what it should do in response to a trigger? Surely finding the trigger would be more beneficial than simply providing me with a way of continuing to do damage to my body without seeing any symptoms.


It is great that there has been research and trials to try to support eczema sufferers but I’m afraid that conventional medicine is looking at it from the wrong perspective. One of the problems is the drugs companies that fund the research and trials. The drugs industry are happy if there is a new drug that they can market and make money from, so it doesn’t benefit them to look at illness from any other perspective. The fact that this new injection has reduced the symptoms of eczema by 50% for 80% of the 200 people involved in the trials is all they need to hear. Its supply and demand after all- if you promise to have found a quick fix for eczema then your product will sell! People understandably want a quick solution! At Happy Gut Happy Skin we know that a quick fix usually means simply masking the annoying symptoms of eczema.


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I’m interested by this quote from a professor specialising in allergy and immunology. She states that there are as yet no recognised therapies for treating eczema, “There’s this huge unmet need to treat moderate to severe eczema because at the moment we actually have no FDA-approved therapies,” explained study author Lisa Beck, a professor in the department of dermatology and a professor of medicine in the division of allergy and immunology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Rochester, N.Y.  The key point to note is that a drug or therapy as she calls it will not ‘fix’ eczema. The root cause must be discovered in order to take the trigger away. Only then can your body be supported to heal itself but not through the use of drugs.


You can read the rest of the article here and the research into the proteins that have been shown deficient in many eczema sufferers.


There may not be a new drug to cure eczema but there is another way…

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