One of my favourite topics as this stuff is SO powerful!

So as you would have picked up from the blog, our gut is a delicate balance of good bacteria and hopefully not too many bad bacteria.

This is not just a few bacteria we’re talking about here. It’s estimated that:

* There’s 150x more bacterial genes in our gut that human genes!

* We are 90% bacteria cells, and 10% human!

* The number of bacteria in one healthy human’s gut, is equal to the number of stars in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!

Mindblowing right?

So you can see how crucially important it is to preserve this microbiota.

Antibiotics, birth control pills, mass produced meat, antibacterial cleaning products and pesticides can all lead to the demise of our microbiota and therefore chronic illness. The skin is a very good indicator of your gut balance.

So we need to be proactively replenishing it.

There’s 3 main ways of doing this:

1) Eating a diverse, natural diet, full of vegetables and fruits

2) Taking probiotic supplements

3) Eating/drinking fermented food/drinks

My experience of this, is that rebalancing via food is a great way to MAINTAIN a healthy microbiome, but if your gut is out of whack, you need something a bit more powerful to rebalance.

I have tried expensive probiotics (we’re talking £50+ per month) which are effective, but not as effective as…


I’m a big fan of kefir. It’s entirely natural, bursting with probiotics (we’re talking 100s of billions of bacteria per serving). It also contains lots of trade minerals.

It’s a bit like a thin yoghurt, but with a bit of fizz. Great to drink straight, or add to smoothies.

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I’m a big believer in consuming things in their natural form, and drinking kefir fresh seems to make a lot more sense than popping powdered probiotic supplements over the long-term.

You can make it yourself, see the recipe below, or buy it pre-made. I’m going to be posting up a review of my favourite supplier for pre-made fresh Kefir tomorrow for you all.

You have the choice of cows milk, goats milk (my preference) or if you are avoiding all dairy, you can make water kefir (add ginger and it’s just like ginger ale)

Enjoy the recipe below, you can grab kefir grains from Amazon for less than £10:

Kefir Grains: http://amzn.to/2xBdf0j

Recipe: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-milk-kefir-cooking-les…

ps: You can also use it topically on your skin!

Want to benefit from Kefir without making it yourself? Check out our review of Chucking Goat Kefir

Have you tried Kefir? What did you think?

Want to give it a go? Why not post your pics up and let everyone know how it goes?