I’m sure you’re all aware that Eczema & psoriasis are inflammatory conditions of the skin.

This inflammatory response from the body is a sign that the immune system has been ‘switched on’ by your particular trigger.

Whilst there can be localised reactions to environmental triggers, a lot of people will find that their skin flares up due to what is going on inside the body rather than outside.

If you’ve been working on the external factors involved and it hasn’t improved your situation then now it is time to take a look inside at what is going on. This is often overlooked when not taking a whole-body approach.

There was no joined up approach from the specialists that Ben visited throughout his journey and this was why he hit so many brick walls for so many years.

The simple fact is the skin is a reflection of the gut.

Usually when we eat food it goes, gets digested and comes out the other end- no problems. But when there is an imbalance in the body food can be seen as a threat which switches on the immune system. If the body incorrectly sees these foods as a threat then it sets off alarm bells within the body and leaves it in a state of high alert.

Inflammatory signals are sent all around the body rather than just staying in the gut and they can cause issues in your weakest point. For some it is their joints or nervous system and for eczema and psoriasis it is the skin.

Diet is so important for any chronic disease and lots of research now shows that inflammation begins in the gut.

You can find out more about how diet can effect your skin below: 

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